April 2023

April Agenda

An Ordinary meeting of The Moulton’s Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 4th April 2023 at 7pm at Moulton Chapel Youth and Community Centre.


  1. Chairman’s Welcome.
  2. Public Forum. This will last for a maximum of 15 minutes and the Parish Council meeting will commence at 7.15pm.

           Moulton Park

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest. To receive any further declarations, in accordance with the Localism Act 2011.
  3. To consider the notes of the meeting held on 07/03/2023.
  4. To consider any matters arising from the minutes that are not covered by the agenda.
  5. Reports. To consider any matters relevant to the Cemetery, Churchyard and Allotments.
  6. Police Matters.
  7. Highways Matters.

10. Financial Matters.

11. Planning Matters.

12. Moulton Village Ward.

13. Moulton Seas End Ward.

14. Moulton Chapel Ward.

15. SID Report

16. Correspondence.

17. Items asked to be included on Agenda during last Meeting.

      Parish Council Contribution for the Coronation celebrations

18. Councillors’ reports and items for inclusion on the next Agenda.

      Councillors are reminded that this item is for reporting matters not included elsewhere on the Agenda and to raise items for inclusion on future Agendas.

19. To confirm date and time of the next Parish Council Meeting.

20. If necessary, to consider passing a resolution under section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, to exclude the press and public from the meeting in order to discuss any items of business that may involve the disclosure of exempt information as defined in those paragraphs of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of that Act as amended by the Local Government Access to Information(Variation) Order 2006.



Minutes of the Monthly Parish Meeting of The Moulton’s
Parish Council held on 4 th April 2023 7pm at Moulton Chapel

Community Centre

Present: Parish Cllrs Woolf (Chair), Cooper (Vice), Hann, Sanderson, Wright,
Sneath, Benton, Wakefield, Tibbs, and Clerk (Lisa Edgeley)
Three members of the public, District Cllr Casson and one member of the
1) Chairman’s Welcome.
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and confirmed, neither
Ward in Moulton Parish would require an election due to less
nominations put forward than seats available.
2) Apologies for Absence
Cllr Kirk, Ingham, Henderson
3) Public Forum
A member from the ‘Green Group’ was welcomed by the Chair. This
member explained why the group was formed and their aims for the
future within the churchyard.
The main aim being to create biodiversity within the churchyard by:
-Adding to the hedge at the border to the river to thicken it.
-Planting Crab apple and Cherry trees at the border with the houses
(Church Rd)
-Planting an English Lavender corridor, roughly alongside the tarmac
path, leaving a gap for grass cutting.
-Trim brambles back on post office side.
Cllr Wakefield suggested the group have a word with the Drainage
Board in respect to planting hedging near the river at the back.
District Cllr Casson suggested he could make some enquiries with the
Drainage Board and would report back to the Parish Council via the

Cllr Hahn asked the group if they had thought about any financial
help, which they had not. It was agreed the Parish should support
financially if needs be.
Cllr Sneath had one concern, passing places needed along paths if a
lavender corridor was put in for buggies etc.
A member of the group asked if the Parish council were responsible
for the church wall as there are weeds growing within the wall that
need addressing. Multiple Cllrs agreed that they believe it is the
church’s responsibility.

Park update
Cllr Wright suggested we change the plan to a small hand gate and send
in again asap.
This will be considered in the ongoing process.
4) Declarations of interest
Chair declared he is a District councillor (play park), also a member of
Moulton celebration committee.
5) To consider the notes of the meeting held on 7/3/2023
Including the confidential minutes, unanimously agreed they could be
signed off.
Proposed Cllr Hahn
Seconded Cllr Sneath
6) To consider any matters arising from the Minutes that are not covered
by the agenda.
7) Reports

Discussed in public forum above
One enquiry as to whether someone outside the parish could be added
to the waiting list. It was explained to them that allotments are for
parish residents only.
8) Police

From Fylippa (PCSO)…..Our last policing priority was Anti-Social Behaviour
Moulton Chapel. Over the last 3 months we have received a report of a
stolen van which was later recovered. We also had a report of parking issues
down Cekhira Avenue, Moulton Chapel. Pc Cummins attended and didn’t deem
it to be dangerous obstruction. There has been numerous of patrols within
Moulton Chapel following complaints raised about Speeding, Fengate, Moulton
Every three months, we listen to your concerns and look at recent crime
statistics to shape the things we will concentrate on for the next three months.
Our priority(s) for the next quarter is:
Speeding, Fengate, Moulton Chapel.

Cllr Sanderson reported deer skins on Engine Bank, Moulton Chapel.

9) Highways
TTRO/TTR003208-Temporary traffic restriction-A17 Washway Road (between
B1357 and A151)-LCC
30mph Speed limit (with 10mph convoy) B1357 Moulton Chapel Road
03/04/2023-31/10/2023 (Restrictions to be implemented for 14 days as and
when required during this period, signage detailing accurate dates and times
will be displayed on site in advance)-LCC
TTRO/TTR003070-Temporary traffic restriction-Moulton Marsh/Weston
Marsh-17/04/2023-12-05-2023-SH Drainage Board-Replacement of agricultural
access culvert

TTR0/TTR002856-Temporary traffic restriction (road closure) B1357 Seas End
Road-17/04/2023-19/04/2023 (date amendment)-Anglian Water-new

10) Financial

Business Account £91,802.82
Treasurer’s Account £47,218.87
Petty Cash £89.90
Total £139,111.59

Income £253.24
Expenditure £2338.47
Payments to be made
Moulton Community Association (hall) £84.00
Bob Marriott £704.12
TN Sneath £477.60
Graham French £101.66
South Holland Drainage £147.67
All agreed

11) Planning Consultations
H13-0190-23 – Long Lane, Moulton -Full -Erection of ground mounted solar
array with associated infrastructure
H13-0182-23 – 104 High Road, Moulton – Full – Joinery workshop/timber
H13-0258-23 – Westmoreland Road, Moulton – Full - replacement proposed
single storey extensions and alterations – resubmission of H13-0024-23

Decided Applications
H13-0040-23 – 139 Broad Lane, Moulton- extension to include annexe and new
vehicular access – approved
H13-1086-22 – Wheatsheaf, Moulton Chapel – Rear extension, installation of
LPG tank and alterations including replacing windows – retrospective –
H13-0988-22 – Roman Road, Moulton Chapel – Development details- Refused
H13-0076-23 – Collage Farm, Loosegate Road, Moulton Seas End – Conversion
of outbuilding into residential – approved
H13-0169-23 – Westlyn, Fengate, Moulton Chapel – Details of external
materials - approved

H13-0441-22 Location: 46 & 46a Hall Lane Moulton Seas End Spalding - Change
of use to 2 independent dwellings
H13-1204-21 Location: Spalding Gate High Road Moulton – Change of use of
agricultural land to amenity land including sitting of static caravan for domestic
storage and occasional overnight stay – retrospective

12) Moulton Ward
Play Park – see public forum above
Cllr Hahn has noticed Broad Lane road surface towards the onion factory needs
Chair stated a request has been made from the church flower arrangers for a
financial contribution via the church for the forthcoming Flower Festival.
Suggested contribution £75. All agreed.
Chair explained about Coronation events due to take place in the village.

Cllr Wright stated the cones in River Lane are still in place. Cllr Sneath agreed
to try and resolve.

M S E Ward
Cllr Sneath has been made aware of letters being sent to residents in the
Carrington Road area in regards to possible compulsory purchase of land in
front of their properties. It was agreed the letter was poorly worded and
worried residents. Chair suggested the parish councillors spoke to residents if
need be.

Moulton Chapel Ward
Update that the float for the parade is progressing well.
Cllr Wakefield had been handed a letter from the school head asking for
donations towards a Coronation event. All agreed £300 donation.

15) SID Report
SID report was forwarded to Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership. We received
a reply stating that we did not need to forward to them. However, in past
months it seems it has been forwarded to them.
Cllr Tibbs has noted an 85mph speed into Fengate. All agreed that a strong
reply to Lincs Road Safety Partnership asking why the Parish was encouraged
to buy the devices if nothing productive can be done with the data. If
insufficient response is received, a letter to be sent to the Lincs Police and
Crime Commissioner
16) Correspondence

17) Matters for Discussion to become Agenda for the next meeting
Play Park

18) Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 16 th May 7pm, Moulton Seas End Village Hall

8.10pm meeting closed